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Eva Solo My Big Tea Teapot, 1.5-Liter, Strawberry Red

95,00  (as of 19. November 2017, 3:48)

Artikel: Teekanne
Farbe: Erdbeerrot
Material: Porzellan, Strick, Metall

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Product Description

The Eva Solo My Big Tea teapot is a smartly designed self-contained all-in-one teapot with a charming knitted tea cozy cover to keep tea hot. The 1.5 liter porcelain teapot has a stainless steel carrying handle and silicone drip-free pouring spout. Teapot is dishwasher-safe; machine wash cover on cold delicate cycle. Designer: Tools.
1.5-Liter porcelain teapot with knitted cozy cover
Porcelain teapot with stainless steel handle and silicone pouring spout
Teapot is dishwasher safe; hand or machine wash cover on delicate cycle
1-Liter (1 quart)
Danish designed around aesthetics, functionality and quality; made in Denmark

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