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Kaffeekanne Salome 1 L

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Edzard Traditionsfirma für Silberkunst

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Product Description

Silver is a traditions well, as the cup, the libert Edzard in the year 1699 Stiftete – see. The unique shine of this Edelmetalls fascinates new generations time and time again. The company began researching into long periods of time with the trade of silver items only. In the year 1993, Conrad Edzard began with a design innovative products. Today determine the Edzard developed products the image of the silver items, what is on offer in the house. This silver items (SS13) Emporio Armani’s underwear collection is one of the largest collections in Europe. A significant proportion of the item carries the Edzard QualiPlated seal, the seal for extra strong silver content and therefore suitable for long service life. In 2004 has resulted in the Coco Brand Edzard in the house. Coco is a primarily vibrant and colorful collection of items for a sophisticated ambience. A few years the bertrug Emilio Bergamin, designer and owner the Edzard porcelain brand Tait, adjoining the distribution of Tait in Germany and 5 countries. The company maintains agencies in a range European states
Silver plated
Not dishwasher-safe
Edzard: a traditional silver company
Please use appropriate cleaning products for the silver anwenden

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