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Typhoon Ölspender aus Glas mit langem Hals

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Ölspender mit langem Hals
Elegantes und modernes Design für in der Küche oder auf dem Tisch
Geeignet für Essig und Öl

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Product Description

Stylish and contemporary designs for use in the kitchen for preparing and cooking or at the table for seasoning and salad dressings, the Typhoon Long Neck Drizzler will catch up with any salad demands.

Our practical and stylist Typhoon drizzlers are simply a must-have for any buddy chef. Using beautiful handmade glass, polished stainless steel nozzle and purse silicone, this drizzler is suitable for oil and vinegar. Why not experiment by adding herbs, chillies, and other spices for a deliciously infused flavours that look great too. Available in clear glass, frosted glass, ceramic and stainless steel versions, it has a 9.47 oz capacity and is dishwasher safe.

Typhoon Homewares is a British housewares company with a passion for design led kitchenware products at affordable prices. Our exciting products can be found in over seventy five markets around the world in leading department, gourmet and lifestyle retailers. We welcome you to the exciting world of Typhoon!

Handmade, mouth-blown long neck glass for space saving salad dressing container
Use for drizzling oil, dressing and sauces when preparing dishes in your kitchen or on your dining table
Durable glass with 9.47 ounce capacity, designed to last
Stainless steel nozzle and silicone stopper for glug-free drizzling
Comes in a gift box, ideal as a present

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