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Stadler Form Otto African Sapele Wood

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Angenehme Frische an warmen Sommertagen.
Q verbindet das Praktische eines Ventilators mit dem Design eines Kunstobjektes.

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Product Description

Otto makes wind! When heat builds up indoors in summer, the slightest breath of wind is welcome: Otto helps with a gentle breeze or generates a gale! Thanks to the Otto is made of African sapele. Sapele is a large deciduous tropical tree native to Africa. The wood is similar to mahogany with its smooth fine grain and deep warm sienna. It is a durable wood, perfect for everyday lasting beauty. The rich warm siennas and umbers of the wood are enhanced and protected by oil varnish. High grade steel balances the natural form of the sapele wood with modern contemporary style. adjustable industrial fan, the air circulation can easily be varied. This wooden fan is a straightforward chap with height-adjustable feet. This wooden fan is whisper quiet. Complete with 3 settings and adjustable height, Otto helps keep the office or living space cool during the balmy summer months.

  • Dimensions (L x W x H):13.5″ x 14.6″ x 7.2″
  • Material: Steel, Wood, Aluminum
  • Made in China

Otto fan
African sapele wood body
3 speed settings
5 steel blades
Steel grate

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