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Normann Copenhagen Medium Red Swing Vase

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100230 Color: Red Pictured in purple Britt’s inspiration comes from the fashion world. She has worked in the fashion industry for 10 years before she started her own home interiors shop. Britt Bonnesen has been an important part of Normann Copenhagen since the very beginning. Among other things Britt has designed the Swing Vase and Rocking glass. She is fascinated by the many hip design hotels around the world. She has an eye for detail and the way details are well thought through, right from atmosphere, food, interior and the staff uniforms down to the hand soap in toilets. She also gets her inspiration from the fashion trade since these two industries have many similarities. Each swing vase is unique. The fun design is a timeless work of art that honors the tradition of this ancient craft by allowing each one to be slightly different. The vase is allowed to determine its own form. The vase was so to speak allowed to “settle down“, and the Swing Vase was born. The shape varies from vase to vase, as all of them are mouth-blown. It is a little sculpture that looks fine alone, but really comes into its own in the company of other Swing Vases. Designed by: Britt Bonnesen Features: -Material: Glass. -Mouth blown. -Shape of the vase arose in a dialogue with local glass-blowers. -Available in several colors. -Overall Dimensions: 12“ H.
Swing Vase Medium Red H: 30 x Ø: 10 cm [W]

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