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99,95  (as of 19. November 2017, 3:48)

Das Design verbindet auf sanfte Weise die Gegensätze von Glas und Beton.
Vor allem die Farben Grün, Orange, Rot und Pink ergänzen die rauhe äußere Erscheinung der Vase.
Material: Glas, Beton

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Product Description

Meet Willmann Vase. Aka little miss look-who’s-here! Forget all about doing things ‚as usual‘, she expects new thoughts, energy and courage! And you can almost hear her yawning from the windowsill when you prepare your eggs juuuuuust as you always do. No, bring something new to the table, some freshly cut stalks and some attitude – and she’ll be much more attentive. Her favourite colours are green, orange, pink and red, because they complement her grey, raw exterior so nicely. And if you’re careful to always bring her fresh flowers, she will melt. Stuff like that is impossible to withstand, even for a concrete heart. As you may have noticed Willmann Vase is a quite special vase. The design gently connects the opposites of glass and concrete, the breakable and the strong.

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