Startseite Dekoration Tischvasen LSA International Flower Tall Stem Vase, H11.5″, Clear

LSA International Flower Tall Stem Vase, H11.5″, Clear

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Product Description

lt;stronglsa flower sprig clear glass vases;strong. ideal for decorating dining tables throughout the year. Simply place cropped flower heads into a Trio of these vases, gather herbs from the garden, and allow the narrow neck to create the arrangement.Brbrblsa flower open bouquet clear glass vaseB. a pleasure to use with spring tulips, summer peonies, autumn foliage and winter berries, the wide opening ensures suitability for generous bouquets all year-round.Brbrblsa flower tall Stem clear glass vaseB. for mantelpieces and hall tables, where narrowness and height are critical. Simply cut a few stems to just over double the height of the vase, to ensure the narrow neck creates a wonderful flower arrangement.Brbrblsa flower grand bouquet clear glass vaseB. tall stems are held in place by the narrow opening of this magnificent vase, making it ideal for sumptuous bouquets.
Classic mouth blown vases designed for use with a wide range of different cut flowers and foliage
Hand painted vases adorned with gold and platinum rims
Classic collection of handmade vases
Designed for easy usage and storage
Suitable for all occasions

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