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Rosendahl Lovebirds by Kay Bojesen

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Design: Kay Bojesen
Besonderheit: Handarbeit

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Product Description

The turtle dove is known in both ornithology and mythology for mating for life, and with the launch of Kay Bojesen Denmark’s new Turtle Doves this spring, all design lovers will have a new friend for life. The Turtle Dove, which is a smaller version of its colourful cousin, The Songbird, is made from two-tone natural wood and sold in pairs as the ideal gift for any heartfelt celebration, from weddings to housewarmings. Even though the new Turtle Doves from Kay Bojesen Denmark are small in size (H: 8.8 cm) compared to The Songbirds they are modelled after, their arrival is big news. The Turtle Doves have never before been put into production, and are only known from old drawings and stories told by Kay Bojesen’s family. According to legend, customers in Bojesen’s shop in Copenhagen could sometimes be lucky enough to receive a little extra gift when they dropped by, and the designer is said to have given the birds away to those he was close to. With the springtime launch, all design lovers now have the opportunity to give The Turtle Doves as a gift on a heartfelt occasion. The courting doves are the perfect present for summer weddings, but also to celebrate a housewarming, graduation, birthday or christening, where the beautiful design can become a lifetime companion for the recipient Ð as is the true nature of the turtle dove.
Each bird is 3.5″ H x 3.75″ L (8.8 cm H x 9.5 cm L).
Care instructions included.
Made of Natural and Smoked Oak.

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