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Bookworm Bookshelf Length: Medium – 11 Bookends, Color: Cobalt Blue

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Bookworm von Ron Arad
Individuel gestaltbare Form
biegsam, aber sehr belastbar

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Product Description

8005/C4 Length: Medium – 11 Bookends, Color: Cobalt Blue Medium Size Shown in Translucent Wine Red “After so many years when I look back, still the Bookworm and FPE are the most ground-breaking products I was involved with in an industrial context.“ -Ron Arad A product that seamlessly merges at once the creativity of Ron Arad and the technological prowess of Kartell, the flexible Bookworm Bookshelf is a wonder to behold whose appeal has remained strong for over a decade. Through the use of extrusion technology, the Bookworm is able to assume any shape at all without a compromise in strength or functionality. Available in three lengths, each Bookworm comes with a set of flexible, durable bookends that move along the curves of the shelf to provide support for any shape. The Bookworm’s elastic nature allows it to fit into any environment both physically and aesthetically. Designed by: Ron Arad, 1994 Features at a Glance: Bookworm Bookshelf Features: -Made of batch-dyed, fire-retardant PVC -Bookshelf assumes any desired shape -Each bookend supports up to 20 lbs -Available in two opaque and four translucent colors -Available in three sizes -Made in Italy Mounting Note: -Kartell recommends that users of the Bookworm Bookshelf wall-mount it in a curved shape to keep materials in tension and to increase resistance when loaded. Dimensions: -Short Bookshelf: -7.5“ H x 126“ W x 7.88“ D -Weight: 13.6 lbs -Medium Bookshelf: -7.5“ H x 204.75“ W x 7.88“ D -Weight: 21.56 lbs -Long Bookshelf: -7.5“ H x 322.88“ W x 7.88“ D -Weight: 33 lbs Quality: -In 2005, Kartell received accreditation for its Quality Management Systems according to the ISO 9001: 2000 standard. The attainment and preservation of this certification testifies to Kartell’s commitment to high quality and continued research into higher levels of quality in company management systems. Helping the Environment: -Kartell products use a wide variety of plastic materials, thereby reducing the use of living organi

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