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Eva Solo Wide Base Vacuum Jug, 1-Liter, White

79,00  (as of 19. November 2017, 3:48)

Artikel: Isolierkanne
Farbe: weiss
Material: Kunststoff, Glas, Edelstahl

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Product Description

The Eva Solo drip-free vacuum jug with its innovative stainless steel pouring lip prevents the last drop of liquid being poured from splattering on to the table. The patented design pouring lip system makes this an absolutely drip-free vacuum jug. The inside glass flask jug is fully encased in a sleek colored plastic shell with an easy to hold pouring handle. Winner of the 2012 if product design award. Designer: TOOLS.
Drip free glass flask vacuum jug with drip-free easy pouring lip; sleek clean design, for serving use on any occasion
Glass jug with plastic exterior shell, handle and base and stainless steel pouring lip
Dishwasher safe
1-liter (1 quart)
Danish designed around aesthetics, functionality and quality; made in Denmark

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